Facebook Live - 10 tips for success

Facebook Live - 10 top tips

Over 80% of web traffic is predicted to come from video by 2019. Woah!



So if you’re thinking about how you can incorporate video into your content strategy, there are a few easy ways to get started. One of them is by using the video functions available in the social media platforms, like Facebook Live. Here are our ten Facebook Live top tips:

  1. Have a specific topic for your Facebook Live and promote it on your Facebook page (and other channels) ahead of time for maximum viewers

  2. Prepare for your broadcast: Pre-empt questions that your audience might ask and prepare answers. We suggest you have all your notes at eye-level so you can retain eye contact with the camera as much as possible. This is what the ‘backstage’ area of our recent Facebook Live looked like with post-its positioned around the tripod! 
  3. Think about the key messages you want to get across and be ready with facts and figures that you want to share with your audience

  4. Practice viewing where the questions will pop up on your phone screen and think about how you’re going to manage the questions. You might want to have a separate device set up (like a laptop) to view the questions on while you broadcast on your phone if you think you may find it too distracting

  5. Make sure all your tech works! We’d advise having your phone plugged into the mains to make sure you don’t lose battery power. Also make sure you’ve got a reliable broadband connection that isn’t going to get cut-out halfway through your broadcast

  6. Use a tri-pod for super-stable video. Position your phone in the upright position on the tripod as this is the best format to use to view the questions that will be asked

  7. Think of a suitable title for the Live video beforehand. The title you choose will be how the video is titled when it is saved to Facebook after your Live broadcast

  8. Find a space to film from that doesn’t have a distracting background but has something interesting for the viewer to look at

  9. Be mindful that the area viewers can see when the Live video is played back will be wider than the area you see on the screen when you film it. Do a test to double check what is in shot!! (I learned this the hard way with a big bag of washing that I thought was just out of shot the first time I did a Facebook Live!)

  10. Look at the camera aperture! If you’re using a forward facing camera on your phone then it’s very tempting to look at yourself, but resist the temptation and talk directly to your audience down the lens

We can’t wait to see more and more people using Live videos to share their stories. Why not try one today!

Team Hatch Social xo